Species Profiles - Animal and Human Pathogens
There are a number of reportable diseases documented in Pennsylvania either currently or in the recent past that pose significant environmental and economic threats and may be detrimental to public health and safety. At a minimum more than 189 reportable or notifiable diseases in Pennsylvania are non-native and also highly invasive by their very nature.
Note: The table below contains examples of Animal and Human Pathogens with invasive characteristics that are of concern in the World, the Nation, or in the Commonwealth. Please check the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website or the Pennsylvania Department of Health website for current information on the regulatory status of any of these species in Pennsylvania.  For a more complete list of reportable disease in Pennsylvania go
  • Species listed above are just some of the species that were mentioned in the various Council documents published in 2006 and this is not a comprehensive list of invasive species in this group for Pennsylvania.

  • Whenever possible, we have linked to a Pennsylvania specific fact sheet or a federal fact sheet.

For more information on Invasive Species of National concern visit the National Invasive Species Information Center or the Center for Disease Control websites.

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